New South Wales Primary Deputy Principals Network

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Telephone02 9580 5048


You can connect with other DPs, learn more about the NSW PDPN and receive updates about the annual conference at:


Twitter:   @primarydpn       Please use #pdpn when commenting about the conference.


The Primary Deputy Principals now has a space for NSW Primary Deputy Principals to connect, collaborate, share ideas and resources and support each other via Yammer. This is a Private Group, if you would like to join folllow the link below.



"Snapshot" provides a comprehensive range of resources to support the implementation of the New Curriculum. The site is overseen by Shellie Tancred who is currently the Principal at Attunga PS

Visit Snapshot.

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You can find information on performing common tasks using ERN in the Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) by visiting ERN help index.

Primary Executive Leadership Team (PELT)

This site has been designed as a space through which Primary Executive can source information about upcoming network meetings and professional learning opportunities, as well as connect with colleagues to share ideas and resources.

Please bookmark this site PELT in your portal for easy access.